Avadhut Hembade

Noted Advertising Photographer

Avadhut Hembade is a well-established advertising photographer from Mumbai.He began his career under the tutelage of his uncle and renowned photographer, the Late Vinod Hembade. Over the years his appetizing food shots, impressive still-life and interior photography has turned many eager eyes into willing consumers. His client list includes brands from some of the biggest companies - HUL, P&G, Cadbury’s, McDonald’s, Jet Airways and Diageo, asian paints , at homes to name a few. His approach to his craft is defined by the belief that all still images are made to move. One might shoot a bottle of ketchup, a dollop of ice cream or a knife cutting through butter; but it’s not good enough till it catches the eye and leaves the heart wanting more. Avadhut’s work has won at several national and international advertising award shows. But his greatest reward remains the trust and friendship earned with his advertising partners and clients across agencies.

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McDonald's AMJ

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